Attributes & Attainments

Attainments are perspectives of TRUTH.

Attributes are perceptions of LOVE.

Attainments are our highest mental beliefs.

Attributes are our most positive state of emotionally Being.

Attainments are what we are here to do.

Attributes define who we are.

Attainments allow us our authority.

Attributes approve of our power.

We attain our highest force of authority through our thoughts.

We attribute our greatest magnitude of power via our emotions.

Attainments are our mental capacity (IQ).

Attributes are our emotional competence (EQ).

We attain perspective through revelation.

We attribute perception to inspiration.

Attainments are tools of manifestation.

Attributes are aspects of realisation.

Attributes and attainments answer the questions: “Who am I” and “Why am I here”?

Attributes and attainments are the power and authority that form the foundation of our personal creative ability.