Attributes & Attainments

 An Attribute is a state of Being that is a positive aspect of who we are in that moment of time. It is the emotional state of Being that is attributed to us and is a tribute to us.

An Attainment is what we have accomplished up to that point in time. It is what we have attained and the level of consciousness that we have.

We are aware of our Attributes and we are consciously-aware of our Attainments or the attributes that we have attained.

Being an attribute or an Attribute of Being is a momentary experience of emotion in time.

Attaining an attribute is the skill of becoming consciously-aware of one’s state of Being and being able to consciously choose to vibrate at that emotional level.

An attribute is something that happens to us, until we learn the ability of attaining that attribute at conscious will.

Being Content is an attribute of Happiness. To attain Contentment, we are required not just to be aware of being content but to consciously raise our energy vibration to become in a state of Being Content, whenever we choose to attain it.