Attractive & Magnetic

Pure Energy is Attractive.

Pure Energy is Attractive to similar pure Energy.

Divided energy is magnetic.

Divided energy is magnetically attracted to become whole, undivided and pure.

Pure Attractive Energy is undivided by wavelength, frequency or vibration.

Energy is differentiated by its wavelength and frequency. Its combination of wavelength and frequency determines its vibration.

Opposing wavelengths of the same frequency are magnetically attracted to each other.

Opposing wavelengths are the same wavelength viewed from opposing perspectives.

Space appears to give frequency a direction. Opposing directions and frequencies are just a perspective of Time.

A pure unopposed frequency will combine with a pure unopposed wavelength to create a pure vibration of Energy that is whole and Divinely Attracive.

Like is drawn unto itself by the Law of Attraction.

Opposites attract each other magnetically.