Attractive Action

The action of Attraction is always attractive.

The action of Attraction may however be seen from a positive or a negative perspective.

Attraction just Is. It has neither a positive nor a negative polarity.

We give action a polarity with our judgment of whether we want it or not.

Whether we want it or not, whether we deem it to be good or bad, positive or negative, has no effect at all on the Nature of Attraction.

Attraction is always attractive irrespective of what we judge it to be, whether we like it or not.

Whatever we are attracting in our Life is due to our actions that are the result of our thoughts that are the effect of our beliefs.

Our beliefs create our reality that endorses our beliefs about our reality, and attracts more of the same reality.

To actively change our reality requires attractive action to change our thoughts and our beliefs.

Only when we actively and consciously change our perspective of Reality will our Reality really change and Attract a new Reality.