Whatever we think and feel, we attract.

Attraction is an Absolute and therefore has no distinction between the polarity of positive and negative.

Emotion is our personal guidance system. Positive emotion guides us forward and negative emotion sends us round in circles to experience the same issues over and over again.

Dreams are a preview of what we are attracting with our thoughts and feelings. By changing the perspective of our thoughts and the perception of our feelings, we can stop our dreams becoming a reality.

Good is something we want and bad is something we deem to be unwanted. Good and bad are just a subjective judgement of what we do or do not want.

When we want for nothing and accept whatever turns up, we transcend wanting and the duality of good and evil.

When we guide our thoughts with positive emotion, we create positive outcomes, because our Soul always chooses a positive outcome for us.

Negative emotion is a sign that our heart (power) our id (authority) or our ego (ability) is in conflict with our Soul’s choice.

The ego finds problems and seeks solutions, the soul sees opportunities and challenges through new experiences.

Contentment comes from choosing, then allowing, then receiving.

The heart needs, the id believes, the ego wants, the soul has ultimate choice.