Attaining Acceptance

We attain Acceptance when we become toleration free without needing any personal boundaries.

Our boundaries keep us safe from the tolerations of other people’s behaviour.

Our boundaries create a comfort zone within which we can contain and maintain our emotional energy.

However, safe in our comfort zone, we are unable to expand, develop and grow spiritually.

We are, by our spiritual nature, Beings who are free, boundless and expansive.

Boundaries and comfort zones disconnect us from our spiritual nature and inhibit our personal development and growth.

Being Accepting is the attribute of having no boundaries, no tolerations, and putting no conditions on our life.

When our Life becomes unconditional, we are Accepting of whatever turns up and Accepting of other people’s behaviour.

When we become Accepting of the behaviour of all other people:

  • We are transparent to their energy in a Sensitively-Detached way.
  • We allow others to follow their own path without any expectation or judgement.
  • We become Accepting of our own Path without expectation or judgement.