At Peace & Stillness

Being at Peace is being totally aligned with our Power and Authority.

When at peace we are empowered to make choices that allow us to flow effortlessly through Life.

It is the resistance that we encounter in our Life that disturbs our Peace and creates confrontation with conflict.

Stillness is the state of being without motion and without e-motion, as emotion is created by our thoughts.

Stillness is the ‘gap’ in Space where the feeling of pure Love, just Is.

Stillness is the experience of ‘no thought’ and just being ‘Beingness’ without definition or defined emotion.

The feeling of Pure Love is infinite, boundless, and cannot be defined by emotion.

Stillness from physical motion is lack of action.

Stillness from active thought is a state of Being.

Stillness is acquired or attained through deep meditation.

Meditation enables a deep connection to our Inner Coach that is required to hear our messages and to align with our power and authority.

We attain stillness without motion in our Mind so as to move effortlessly through Life in a state of being at Peace.