At Choice

We can choose not to choose but we cannot choose to not have choice. We all have choice whether we want it or not.

To not have choice is to not have thought, so the only way to not choose something is to not give it another thought.

The problem with not choosing is, that like not thinking, it is a negative action, which will never promote positive growth.

Positive choice requires conscious-awareness of what we positively want and is what we choose with positive emotion. A good choice is something we want, whereas a bad choice is something we do not want.

The problem with wanting is that we often cannot decide what we really want until after we have experienced it and therefore already have it. Thinking that we know what we want is not the same as knowing what we want.

Life is not about having what we want so much as wanting what we have by continually choosing what we know we really want.

Choosing to know what we want will bring us wisdom but may also bring us knowledge of what we don’t want in the process.

The choice of the heart is the passion of our emotional needs; the choice of the ego is the desire of our material wants; the choice of the sub-conscious id is the belief of our past experience; the choice of the Soul is our personal spiritual growth.

The heart chooses the power of love; the id chooses the authority of our truth; the ego chooses according to our physical ability; and the Soul’s choice is all three.

When we choose the power of self-worth; the authority of self-confidence; and the ability of self-esteem; the Soul will find its Self.