Ascension is living 3 dimensionally in a 3 dimensional world.

We Ascend into Heaven when we live 3 dimensionally in a 3 dimensional world by overcoming all dualities.

Until then we will live 2 dimensionally in a 3 dimensional world called relative dual reality, where everything appears to have an opposing opposite.

Our 2 dimensional reality is either 1st heaven & earth, or 2nd heaven & hell on a journey from life to death.

In a 2 dimensional world of relative dual reality, the height of our ability or potential is measured as the length of our experience in time (called the authority of our age), multiplied by the breadth of our knowledge, (which determines the power of our status in society).

A 2 dimensional 1st or 2nd heaven is without any spiritual depth of Awareness.

A 3 dimensional 3rd Heaven is the height of our Conscious-Awareness, which is our Spiritual Potential.

Our Spiritual Potential to Ascend is realised when we unite the force of our Spiritual Authority with the magnitude of our Spiritual Power and overcome duality with the triune reality of the Holy Trinity.