Pride without humility is Arrogance.

Greed without the humbleness to please others is Arrogance.

Wrath without the patience of meekness is Arrogance.

Wrath is will-power. Meekness is lack of will-power.

Will-power is the power of our will or ego self.

Humility without pride creates intollerance.

Humbleness without greed creates anger.

Meekness without wrath creates frustration.

Arrogance with pride is false self-confidence.

Arrogance with greed is false self-worth.

Arrogance with wrath is false self-esteem.

The meek will inherit the Earth without Heaven, unless they have the ability to be empowered by their Soul’s Authority.

We cannot have too much self-confidence, but we can have too much arrogance.