Appreciation means growth.

Without spiritual growth, we will need physical appreciation.

Our need for appreciation increases as our self-esteem depreciates.

We show our appreciation for others when they do things for us.

We learn to do things for others so that we can receive their appreciation.

The need to be appreciated drives us to please others to gain their appreciation.

Our Soul appreciates our Self and seeks the appreciation of our Self.

Our Soul appreciates the appreciation or growth of our Self.

The Soul’s mission is to appreciate and grow through the endeavours of its Self.

We need appreciation when we stop spiritually growing our Self.

When our Self stops growing, our Soul stops appreciating its Self and the Self needs appreciation.

When we do not appreciate our Self, we are driven to seek appreciation outside of our self.

When we are growing spiritually, as our Soul intends, we have all the appeciation we need.

When we appreciate who we are, who we are appreciates and grows, and our self-worth increases.

When we value our Self, we no longer need to be valued or appreciated by others.