Angry & Mad

Anger is a violent reaction to loosing our emotional power or believing that our emotional power is under threat and about to be taken from us.

Anger is driven by an unconcious belief that our power is derived from what we need emotionally.

Once we know that our power comes from being who we really are, we no longer need to react in anger, because this is not who we really are.

Angry people are seen as the villains of society when in fact they are the victims of society’s false beliefs about power.

Our society believes that power comes from knowledge, status and financial wealth. Logical thinking then assumes that anger is created through ignorance, low self-esteem and lack of money.

Rational thinking people believe anger to be a reaction created by the inability to control one’s emotions. Managing anger therefore became a pre-requisite of the rationally intelligent, upper ruling class and wealthy aristocracy.

Anger is being mad due to a lack of emotional power.

Insanity is being mad due to a lack of rational authority.

Sanity is conforming to the normal authority that our society approves of as being acceptable.

We are certified mad or insane when we do not conform to the rules, etiquette, beliefs, ethics, morals, standards and laws of our society created by the authority of its ruling classes. That is of course unless one has status, wealth and intelligence, in which case madness is renamed as eccentricity.