An Opportunist

An Opportunist sees each day as an opportunity for Personal Spiritual Development and Growth.

An opportunity for Personal development arises as:

  • A limiting belief to be challenged and cleared.
  • An emotional need to be met.
  • A life drama to be overcome.

An opportunity for Spiritual growth is the opportunity to become an aspect of our True Identity.

As we become who we really are, we connect to our true Authority and are able to hold more of our Spiritual Power as our energy vibration increases.

We become more like our true Self as we make choices about who we no longer choose to be.

An Opportunist takes every opportunity to discover, explore and experience Life.

We redeem our True Identity by challenging the limiting beliefs that our old character was convicted by, and meeting the emotional needs that determined our previous personality.

An Opportunist no longer acts out their role in the continuing dramas of Life.

An Opportunist takes every opportunity to create their own Life as the Reality of their own choice.