An Effortless Life

Life is designed to flow effortlessly.

Attaining effortless flow requires us to overcome the duality of hard and easy.

In this relative dual reality world, life is either hard or easy until we learn to flow effortlessly with Life.

Life is always hard when scarcity exists.

Life is always easy when everything is plentiful.

Life can be hard when we attempt something new.

Life appears to be easier when we stay within our comfort zone and lead a normal life.

Whether life is hard or easy becomes our fate or our fortune.

An effortless life is our destiny and our birthright.

To flow effortlessly with life, we require the direction of our Wise Teacher and Inner Coach.

Life flows effortlessly with opportunities when we hear our messages and learn our lessons that avoid the problems that make life chaotic and herald an imminent disaster.

We attain effortlessness when we see all circumstances and occurrences in life as an opportunity to be lived, and we no longer see life as either a problem to be solved or a challenge to be overcome.