An Accidental Life

An accidental life is a life spent following our fate. When we follow our fate, our life happens by accident. We follow our fate until by chance, we meet an accidental death.

An acciental life occurs when we do not have the ability to be in control of our life and we become a victim of life instead of a creator of life.

Luck and chance are a belief that life controls us. When we run out of luck and have experienced our last chance, we run out of life.

Once awakened to life, we have the presence to see that all possibilities exist in life and that we have the ability of choice.

Once we become alert to life, we have direction and command of our authority, and we know the vision of our life.

Once we become aware of life, we become clear about who we really are and feel our power to enjoy the beauty of our purpose in life.

When we manifest our destiny to become awake, aware and alert to life, we realise that we have created our accidental life by accident, instead of on Purpose.