An Abundance of Wealth

Abundant riches is having plenty of money to buy material possessions and possess material wealth.

An Abundance of Wealth is having enough of everything that we need in each moment of time.

Wealth in Abundance is the provision that we have made for our Life Journey.

On our Life Path, everything is provided for our Well-Being and we will have enough for everything that we need to fulfil our vision.

When Abundance means enough of everything, then we have overcome the duality of poverty and plenty that will ebb and flow in our life and provide us with either too little or too much.

When an Abundance of Wealth becomes enough, then it will no longer be not enough or more than enough.

An abundance of riches cannot buy us an Abundance of Wealth.

Abundant Wealth is a State of Being Content without the need, longing, yearning or desire for something more.