Allowing the Flow

The Energy of Source flows with Abundance. To connect to Abundance we are required to connect with the flow of creation in order to manifest whatever we consciously choose to attract to us.

We know that what we want is on the way when we can feel the flow of emotion on which it is delivered.

When we cannot feel the flow of emotion, we do not know and we have to hope that what we want will be delivered.

To live in hope is to live in the expectation of hope instead of the expectant knowing that we are in the flow and what we want will be delivered.

Any negative thought disconnects us from the flow and disallows our sense of knowing. A negative thought takes us out of the Now.

Source Energy flows through the Gap in the Now. We move out of the flow when we move out of the gap and out of the now.

The flow can be perceived as good or bad or as ‘just is’. We can resist what is bad and embrace what is good, yet this is just a perception from our own perspective based on our mental beliefs and emotional needs.

The polarity of our feelings is determined by our thoughts about those feelings, which are determined by our beliefs.

To allow a positive flow requires us to alter any negative beliefs that are resisting the flow.

Resisting the flow does not stop the flow, as what we resist persists. Resisting the flow means that we are receiving a negative effect of what is flowing into our life because of our belief about it.

When we allow the flow, we know that it always has a positive effect once we have learned to change our perspective and eliminate our resistance.

We consciously stop the flow of creative energy when we cannot cope with our own negative thoughts.