Allowing & Resisting

Positive and negative thoughts are not created by emotion. Positive and negative emotion is created by our beliefs.

Spirit becomes emotion by the action of the interference of our thoughts. Spirit just is and just flows. Spiritual energy in motion becomes e-motion at the point of our interaction with it. We interact with spirit by way of our thoughts.

Spirit does not create the thought. It is the thought that creates the emotion. Spirit just is.

Emotion is the power of our thought directed by the authority of our beliefs. The polarity or direction of our beliefs defines our authority over the power of our emotions.

How we interact with spirit is defined by the power and authority that we have over our emotions. This is our ability or our response-ability for our emotions that is called our emotional intelligence.

Our response-ability is dependent on our reason-ability, which is our ability to be consciously-aware of the reason for our beliefs and purpose of our intent.

The polarity or direction of the emotion that we are feeling is determined by our choice to either allow it to flow through us and flow with it, or to resist its flow and flow against it.

An allowing spirit creates a positive polarity and a resisting spirit creates a negative polarity. When we allow spirit to flow through us, we feel the Divine Love of our Source.

When we resist the flow of Divine Love, we face a challenge and an opportunity to examine our beliefs, which are the authority to make our choices. When we resist spirit with a negative belief, we experience a negative emotional state of Being.

To experience a positive emotional state of Being requires us to challenge and shift all limiting beliefs that create emotional needs and physical dramas in our life.