An Affirmation is:

  • A statement of our choice. 
  • A statement of intent.
  • A declaration of that which we choose to attain in this life-time.
  • A Prayer to God.
  • Our Choice of what we allow to manifest as our reality.
  • An expression of our Truth.
  • What we truly Know to be so.

Whatever we choose or ask for in Life becomes an affirmation.

When we affirm what we will do to get what we want, we disallow the Universe.

When we affirm who we are, we are describing our character and our personality, until we know our true Identity.

We affirm to tell our truth, even though it may be our personal truth and not the Absolute, Omniscient Truth.

We make an affirmation of what we choose to manifest into our Reality with a simple prayer of gratitutude and appreciation.