Gluttony & Addiction

Gluttony is wanting more than enough!

Addiction is not being able to get enough!

To the addict, the more they get, the more they need, and the more they want.

The substance or content that we cannot get enough of is not in itself addictive. We become addicted when the substance we are taking is a substitute for what we cannot get enough of. What is in scarcity is Love, which is the energy of our Power.

Without enough power, we need a power fix and turn to ‘addictive substances’ as a substitute energy.

The gluttony of addiction will always hold us in scarcity, as the two are a duality of the same energy, and therefore inseparable.

Common addictions include: sugar; alcohol; tobacco; prescription drugs; adrenaline; caffeine; as well as sex and of course money and work.

The cause of all addiction is low self-worth. Low self-worth is our loss of power, which creates an emotional need and requires a substitute energy to replace it.

Low self-worth is low emotional power and is the effect of not being who we really are and doing what we truly value.

When true value is missing in our life, we become emotionally needy and need a false fix to meet our needs that we eventually become addicted to.

A healthy life requires balance and order, which requires power and authority. Without authority, we lose our power and our order becomes routine, our routine becomes habit, our habits become addictive, and our addictions become obsessions.

To overcome our obsessions we are required to face our addictions. To face our addictions we are required to break the habit and to break the habit we are required to change the routine. Routine is the order of the false authority of our sub-conscious beliefs combined with the emotional demands of our needs.

When we observe the authority of the Soul, we will find the power of our True Self Worth in the Heart of our Being.