An Acknowledgement is an endorsement of what we can ‘do’.

We Acknowledge our Ability to live Life to the full.

We Acknowledge the potential of our creative ability.

When we acknowledge who we are, it is just our personality, not our true Omnipresent Identity.

When we acknowledge what we want, we disable the Universe, by focusing on our scarcity and lack.

When we Acknowledge the Mission that we have undertaken in this life-time, we connect to our Inner Coach.

We are acnowledged by others for the status and position that we attain in life through our knowledge and achievement.

We are Acknowledged by our Soul for the personal development and expansive growth that we create and attain in our Life.

Acknowledgement of our Soul requires the ‘eyes to see’ the intuitive bigger picture of Life that we have come here to create as our Reality.

The Soul can only Acknowledge the Self to the degree that our Self Acknowledges our Soul.

When we truly Acknowledge the Path of our Soul, and what we have come here to do,we will flow effortlessy on our journey through Life.