Acceptance & Forgiveness

Forgiveness is given by the Soul.

Acceptance is received by the Self.

Acceptance & Forgiveness are both given by the Soul and received by the Self.

The Self accepts whatever is forgiven by the Soul.

The Soul forgives whatever is accepted by the Self.

Acceptance & Forgiveness are:

  • The same energy seen from opposing perspectives
  • An act of giving and receiving between the Soul and the Self
  • Without judgment, blame or conviction.
  • Without any toleration of unacceptable behaviour
  • Aspects of unconditional Love
  • The same Attribute to an enlightened Being
  • The choice of the Soul and the Self to be in perfect harmony
  • The Self following the Path of its Soul
  • Knowing who we are and why we are here

Forgiveness of the Self by the Self, requires the Self to be unconditionally Approving, Allowing & Accepting.

Forgiveness is Accepting whatever turns up and is occuring; Approving of whoever we are Being; and Allowing Abundance to manifest and materialise in our Life.