Acceptance is:

  • Receiving all situations, occurrences and happenings in Life as a gift.
  • Seeing all Life as a gift of learning.

We are learning through experience which gifts of life we choose to retain and which gifts we choose to let go of.

All gifts of Life are sent by our Soul for our Acceptance and Evaluation.

Once we attain Acceptance, we see whatever turns up in Life as a gift from our Soul.

Wanting to have what we believe that we are without is a toleration of the ego.

Wanting to retain in our Life what we already have is the choice of our Soul.

It is only through the Acceptance of Life’s gifts that we can decide whether we want them or not.

What we want, we see as good and wish to retain in our Life. We can do this simply by focusing on a little prayer of appreciation, gratitude and acceptance.

What we don’t want, we see as bad and wish to remove from our experience. We do this by simply not giving it another thought.