Abundant Faith

When we have abundant faith, we will have faith in abundance and we will always have enough.

If we believe that abundance is the opposite of scarcity, we will never have enough. We will either have more than enough or not enough.

When we know that the Universe is unlimited and abundant, and that there is enough for everyone, then this will become our reality.

Having faith in abundance is having enough faith.

Having abundant faith is knowing and experiencing the reality of abundance.

Abundance is not relative to our perspective. It is our perspective.

Abundance is not a measure of how much we have, it is a state of Being in which we exist when we are following our life-path and we are centred in harmonious balance.

It is our faith in destiny that will find the middle way through the relative world of density and duality.

Abundance is the abundant state of having enough and confirms our footsteps along our life-path.

At any moment that we feel scarcity or lack or poverty or fear, we have deviated from our path and our abundance is being limited by the limitations of our beliefs.