A True Master

A True Master :

  • Connects to all Life.
  • Connects to Pure Light.
  • Connects to Pure Love.
  • Knows their exclusive Authority.
  • Feels their exclusive Power.
  • Sees the bigger picture of Life.
  • Knows that their Ability comes from their own Power and Authority.
  • Knows that Divinity is within each and everyone of us.
  • Is the Master of their own Destiny and a Servant of their Soul.
  • Knows their own unique, exclusive and individual Path in Life.

A True Master has Overcome:

  • Life & Death
  • Good & Evil
  • Right & Wrong
  • Light & Darkness
  • Love & Hate
  • Love & Lust
  • Love & Fear

A True Master is the Master of their Self, not other people.

A master of slaves and servants needs other people for their power and authority.

Slaves of authority and servants of power allow a master to think that they are a master.

A True Master allows all others to be a True Master.