A Sublime Life

Sublimation is:

  • The art of creating a Sublime Life.

Sublime is:

  • The True Greatness of our Adjective Nature.
  • The Magnitude of our Power and the measure of our Omnipotence.

With enough Emotional Power our Life becomes Sublime. We enjoy a great Life.

In Science, sublimation is the transformation of a solid matter into a gas.

In Spiritual Reality, Sublimation is the transformation of a Physical Existence into a Spiritually Fulfilled Life.

A Sublime Life is:

  • Fulfilling one’s own Personal Vision for this Life-time.
  • Enjoying the positive emotional feelings of one’s own Personal Power & Purpose.
  • Being Content with the Abundance of experiences and opportunities that Life presents in each moment of Space-Time-Reality.

We create a Sublime Life by attaining the Happiness of Being Fulfilled, Joyful & Content; with the Well-being of Wisdom, Wealth & Health; and the Expansiveness of our own Power, Authority & Ability.