A Realist

A Realist believes that their Reality is REAL.

The reality of a Realist is what appears to be literally true.

What is literally true is what can be verified by our 5 physical senses as literally physically true.

The truth of a Realist is based on their beliefs.

A Realist:

  • Believes that their truth is real and they believe it to be the true reality.
  • Believes that there is only one reality and what is real for them is real for everyone who is sane.
  • Has no comprehension of the possible existence of multiple realities.
  • Believes that Reality was either created  by “God” or is an accident of “Science”.

The Law of Attraction implies that the focus of our thoughts creates our Reality.

It follows that as we all have different thoughts and emotions, with different perspectives and perceptions of life, that we all experience different Realities.

The Law of Attraction is a Reality for anyone who wishes to create their own Reality.

Unfortunately this is not the Reality for Realists because when we believe that there is only one reality, that becomes our experience.

2 thoughts on “A Realist

  1. Donna DeVane

    We are all “realists” in some way or another. Each of us had decided certain things to be true and thus we experience them as just that.

    Thanks for the reminder to check in with my realities.

    Love is contagious,

  2. clarencechance

    Realists choose to make the concept of thoughts creating reality an impossibility. Then they attempt to prove that they are right. In doing so they prove they are wrong. Their thoughts became their reality! We don’t have to know why something works to use it. I take flights around the world and I’ve never learned to fly an airplane. The Inner Coach has made a great point here about how realists prove themselves out of a great tool. Imagine a realist from a an indigenous tribe in South America that never seen an aircraft fly. Imagine we ship the aircraft there by ground. Then tell him that it can fly and to have faith. He wouldn’t unless you took it up first. This is how to help someone who can’t see our thoughts create reality. Show them in detail how you use it. Then get them to get in the aircraft and fly just like you! Thanks again Inner coach.

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