A Question Of Dementia?

It is a commonly held belief that dementia is a disease of old age.

It is seen as a disease of the brain that affects old people.

Thankfully, young people are rarely diagnosed with dementia, even when they have learning difficulties.

Ironically, learning is never difficult but what is difficult is the ability to teach someone who has no interest in whatever is being taught.

Learning is difficult when I cannot remember what I am studying.

Nobody ever has any difficulty in doing whatever they are inspired or empowered to do.

I cannot teach anybody to be empowered or inspired, although I can coach them to connect to the power of their creative inspiration.

Dementia is not a disease, although it can cause tremendous dis-ease & discomfort.

However, that dis-ease is both mental & emotional, but never physical.

Historically, medical practitioners have struggled to diagnose & treat mental & emotional conditions that have no physical symptoms.

That really is a very good description of dementia – a mental & emotional condition that has no physical symptoms.

Whereas, it may be apparent to a Neurologist that the condition of dementia is accompanied by a depletion of brain cells, there is no evidence as to whether the depletion in brain cells is the cause of dementia or the effect of dementia.

In the same way, it is not apparent to a Physiologist as to whether muscle wastage is due to physical inactivity or whether physical inactivity is due to muscle wastage.

Is muscle wastage a condition of old age, a disease of old age or the effect of non-usage?

It is a commonly held belief that physiologically, if we don’t use it, we will lose it.

Where the brain differs from a muscle is that it is the physical organ of the Mind.

With no distinction between our brain and our mind, we see dementia as losing our mind.

So, is dementia the effect of brain loss or is dementia the cause of brain loss?

Now, if dementia is the cause of brain loss, what is the cause of dementia?

Furthermore, is dementia a condition of the brain or a condition of the mind?

Living with dementia is the only way to discover the truth about dementia.

The truth about dementia will never be discovered by the person who has dementia.

To someone with dementia, they suffer from being lost, confused & frustrated.

These are the three major symptoms of dementia.

Thankfully, being lost, confused & frustrated is not imminently fatal; otherwise a great any people would be dropping dead at any age.

Being lost, confused or frustrated causes discomfort & dis-ease in everyone from time to time, but it is not seen as a medical condition.

Because most people suffer these conditions regularly, they are seen as a normal problem of everyday life.

What makes dementia a particular problem is the inability to remember, which is called forgetfulness.

Now, forgetfulness is also seen as a normal condition in most people of any age.

Whereas forgetfulness is a problem, it only becomes diagnosed as dementia when it starts to affect other people.

When my forgetfulness becomes a problem to other people, they see me as a problem and they see me as demented.

The inability to remember is then deemed to be the first signs of contracting dementia.

I may diagnose myself with having a cold or the flu, but I never diagnose myself as being demented.

I just get frustrated at being lost & confused by my inability, at any age, to recall my memory at will.

Forgetfulness becomes a problem when I need someone else to remind me what it is that I am supposed to be doing, because I keep forgetting.

The next question is whether forgetfulness is the cause of dementia or whether it is the effect of dementia?

Is dementia the problem or is forgetfulness the problem?

Is forgetfulness a problem with the mind or a problem with the brain?

Indeed, is forgetfulness the problem or is the problem an inability to recall memory?

Is dementia an inability to recall memory or is it memory loss?

Do I ever lose my memory?

Do I ever lose my mind?

With dementia, have I lost my memory, have I lost my mind or have I lost the will power to remember?

When my brain is processing the thoughts of my mind normally & efficiently, I have no reason to ask these questions.

The irony is that when I do need to answer these questions, I cannot remember the questions, let alone the answers.

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