A Prayer of Appreciation

A prayer is a message from our Self to our Soul.

When we face problems in life, we say a prayer of Absolution asking to be judged innocent in our trial.

We ask our Soul to give us the answer to our problems and absolve us with the solution.

When we face challenges in our life, overcome our problems and succeed in our quest, we say a prayer of  thanks or Gratitude, so that more challenges may be successfully overcome.

We are grateful to our Soul for helping us to learn our lessons and accomplish our mission.

When we see life as an opportunity for the personal spiritual development and growth of our Soul through our Self, we can express a prayer of Appreciation for this expansive opportunity.

A Prayer of Appreciation is a mutual message of mutual appreciation between our Soul and our Self.

When we can see our opportunity in Life, hear our messages that show us our effortless Path, and feel the appreciation of our Soul & Self, we know that our Prayers are answered.