"A New Paradigm"

The current Paradigm of Western Society is founded on 3 basic beliefs:

  • Information and knowledge give us our Ability.
  • Status gives us our Authority (usually over others).
  • Money gives us our Power (to do and have what we want).

Western Society has 3 fundamental Systems that maintain these beliefs:

  • The Education System regulates information and knowledge and is responsible for making us wise.
  • The Finance System regulates money and is responsible for our wealth.
  • The Medical System regulates our ability to be healthy and to lead the life that we choose.

A New Paradigm is founded on the following beliefs:

  • Power comes from our Self-worth and by valuing who we are being.
  • Authority comes with our Self-confidence of making intuitive choices.
  • Ability comes with the Self-esteem of managing and using our own power & authority effectively.

The benefits of the New Paradigm are:

  • Our True Wisdom comes from the authority of our own Self-confidence.
  • Our True Wealth comes from the power of our own Self-worth.
  • Our True Health comes from the ability of our own Self-esteem.

Power, Authority & Ability; Health, Wealth & Wisdom; Confidence, Worth & Esteem; belong to everyone. They are our Fundamental Nature and our basic Human Right. We just have to choose them and own them.