A Force for Evil

There is no force for evil other than the authority and power that we use to create evil.

The Law of Attraction states that: “Like is drawn unto itself”. Therefore evil thoughts,words and deeds create evil situations, occurrences and circumstances.

When we believe that evil exists, we create a reality in which evil things happen. Whether what is happening is good or evil is just a matter of perspective.

When we act from our highest intentions and our highest vision of who we are, we deem our self to be good.

When we act from the lowest example of who we can choose to be, we can be seen as evil by other people.

In our relative dual reality world, even highest and lowest are a personal perspective.

Evil people do things that we don’t want to have or to experience.

Good people do things that we do want to have or to experience.

Because good and evil is a personal perspective, we are all capable of doing good and evil things from someone else’s perspective.

A force is a quota of authority. The authority that evil has is equal to our negative beliefs of what is bad for us, based on our personal perspective of life.

The power that we give to our evil negative thoughts is equal to the magnitude of the absence of Love in our thinking. When our thoughts are of pure, positive Love, we give evil no power or authority.

When we fight evil, we resist the negative force and make it stronger.

The only way to defeat evil is to not give it another thought.