A Firm Foundation

“A house built on sand cannot stand tall”.

Our ‘house’ is our society and our culture.

The foundation stone of any culture is its core beliefs.

Western Society generally believes that:

  • Authority over others allows high self-esteem.
  • Money buys power and values our self-worth.
  • Ability is dependent on education and rational intelligence that enables our self-confidence.

These cultural beliefs have not as yet allowed Western Society to grow tall, only fat.

Building a firm foundation requires us to find our Truth.

The Truth is:

  • Our Authority comes with our confidence to confide in our Soul.
  • Our Power is the value and worth of who we are Being.
  • Our Ability is the esteem that we attain when connected to our Divine Power & Authority.

A firm personal foundation allows us to grow tall, stay lean, and create the society of our dreams.