“Universal Laws of Perspective”

Perspective is subject to the following Universal laws:

Rule 1:

“Perspective is unique to each individual”

Rule 2:

“Higher and lower dimensions appear to be stationary from the perspective of our own dimension”

Rule 3:

“I require a higher perspective to perceive the existence of a higher dimension”

Rule 4:

“Truth requires that perspective be perceived”

Rule 5:

“Perspective is relative to the sense used to perceive it”

Rule 6:

“Before I can put life into perspective, I am required to put perspective into life”

Rule 7:

“Reality is relative to perspective”

Rule 8:

“Perspective is relative to individual belief”

Rule 9:

“Perspective allows a choice of positive or negative polarity”

Rule 10:

“A dual reality world allows each individual 3 different perspectives”

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