“Other Resources”

“The 20 Tenets”: Ken Wilber’s: Twenty Tendencies of Evolutionary Systems.

Ken Wilber’s 20 Tenets


“The Gospel of Thomas”: The Gospel of Thomas contains the written words of Jesus Christ that were not included in the Modern Bible.



“The Three additional Sayings of Jesus to Thomas in Private”:     As referred to in Saying No. 13.



“The Celestine Prophecy”: These are the first nine manuscripts contained within James Redfield’s best-selling novel.



“The Tenth Insight”: Manuscript Ten of the Celestine Prophecy.



“The Eleventh Insight”: Manuscript Eleven of the Celestine Prophecy.



“The Twelfth Insight”: Manuscript Twelve of the Celestine Prophecy.

The Twelfth Insight


“The Golden Rule”: Examples of the Golden Rule from many different Religious Texts, which underpin the “Law of Attraction”.



“A Tribute to Mother Theresa”:         

“Mother Teresa”

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