“My Resources”



“UK Needs Lists”: A list of 180 Emotional Needs listed under the 18 Primary Emotional Needs is available by clicking on the following link:

UK Needs Lists


“My Intuition Test”: Test your intuition and reveal the paradox of the Law of Attraction.

“The Intuition Test”


“My Self-Confidence Questionnaire”: 3 short questionnaires to establish your level of self-confidence, self-worth & self-esteem.



“My Awareness Questionnaire”: This questionnaire is designed to highlight how much of our spiritual awareness that we are conscious of. It is about finding out how much we do not know rather than how much knowledge that we have.



“Personal Development & Spiritual Growth”:    My distinctions between the two.

Personal Development or Spiritual Growth


“Psalm 23”: An alternative interpretation of an ancient classic scripture.

Psalm 23

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