“Core Beliefs”

 My 7 Core Beliefs are:

1. “Life Just Is”

2. “We All Have Choice”

3. “There Is Enough”

4. “Love Is The Way”

5. “We Are All Equal”

6. “Allow Others To Follow Their Path”

7. “Follow Your Own Path”

Embracing my Core Beliefs as my Truth involved clearing approximately 450 limiting beliefs that I had held since childhood. They are listed in a PDF file that is downloadable by pressing the coloured link below:


Since working on my original limiting beliefs, I have continued to challenge and change my limiting beliefs every year:

Limiting Beliefs 2008

Limiting Beliefs 2009

Limiting Beliefs 2010

Limiting Beliefs 2011

Limiting Beliefs 2012

Limiting Beliefs 2013

Limiting Beliefs 2014

Limiting Beliefs 2015

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