Conundrums are those difficult little problems in life that have an interesting little twist in their answer that offers an opportunity for deeper learning.

“If a Credit Card was  called a Debtor’s Card, would it be less creditable; and would it be more credible?”

“Am I certain of my certainty or am I certain of my uncertainty? Am I uncertain of my certainty or am I uncertain of my uncertainty? When I am uncertain of my uncertainty, am I certain and when I am certain of my uncertainty, am I still certain?

“When I fail to stop in time, is it because I didn’t stop or because I ran out of time?”

“What does a stinking cold smell like, or is my nose too blocked to tell?”

“Does the ability to be a miser require having too much money or too little money? Am I more or less miserable when I have more or less money? When I have more money will I have less misery or more misery?

“Do I choose for my cup to be half full or half empty? Do I choose for my cup to be full or for my cup to runneth over?”

“Do I have to be conscious to be conscious of my level of Consciousness? Am I conscious of my levels of sub-consciousness when I am unconscious? Am I conscious of my level of sub-consciousness & unconsciousness when I am conscious?”

“Did evolution create consciousness or did Consciousness create evolution? Is Consciousness conscious of its own evolution? Did the Big Bang create Consciousness or did Consciousness create the Big Bang? Or did the Big Bang wake up Consciousness to become conscious?

“When both parties arrive late, are they both late or are they both on time?”

“Which do you choose as preferable: Having enough money in the bank or having enough money in the present moment?”

“Do bossy people make good bosses, or not?”

“How hard do I need to work to have an intensely balanced life? How hard do I need to work to moderate the intensity of my life? How hard to I need to work to allow my life to flow effortlessly to me?”

“Why are free electrons deemed to have a negative charge and a positive effect, while free radicals are deemed to have a positive charge and a negative effect?”

“Do I worry because I am not getting better or do I not get better because I worry; or is it better to not worry either way?”

“When there is ‘no comparison’, is that because I have made no comparison or because I have made a comparison and decided that there is no comparison? Can I make no comparison without first making a comparison?”

“Do I manifest a better future for my Self by focusing on improving the past, by focusing on better events occurring in the future, or by focusing on present events in a better way?”

“Is my intention, to never have a negative intention, a negative intention?”

“Is my intention, to always have a positive intention, a positive intention?”

“Is my pain caused by my belief, does my belief create my pain or is my pain a manifestation of my belief? Is the problem the pain or the belief? Is it the belief in the problem that is a pain or is it the belief in the pain that is a problem?

“How much money is required to live an abundant life: none, lots, plenty, pots full, too much, very little, or enough?”

“Do I choose a life that is positively intense? A life that is negatively intense? A life that is both positively & negatively intense? A life that is potentially intense? A life that is potentially positive? A life that is potentially negative? Or a life that is potentially neither positively nor negatively intense?

“Does virtue & being virtuous only exist in a virtual reality? Does it actually exist in a virtual reality or does it virtually exist in actual reality? And is that actually by virtue of the virtuosity of that reality, or not”

“Is my freedom to deliberate dependent on my freedom of choice? Or is my freedom of choice dependent on my ability to deliberate? And is my ability to deliberate due to my deliberate thought or my deliberate thinking? And if my thought is not deliberate, is it still a free choice or is that a matter of deliberation? And, furthermore, if my thought is not deliberate, have I deliberated it or not? and is there any point in deliberating it further? And if I haven’t deliberately deliberated it, is my choice liberated? And if my thought is not liberated, do I have freedom of choice or not?”

“What really killed the Cat: Curiosity? Boredom? Too much cream? Or did she just pass on at the end of a happy & fulfilling life?”

“When I expect the unexpected is it still unexpected or do I expect it? When the unexpected arrives is it expected or unexpected?”

“Is it simple to do simple things and are simple things done by simple people? Is it only simple people who find things simple to do and simply do things in a simple way?”

“Is being unattractive attractive when it attracts what is unattractive?”

“Is wanting to live in an Ideal World ideal or idealistic?”

“Is living in the real world realistic or unrealistic?”

“When I am being without being without, am I being without or do I have everything that I want?”

“When I force my superior knowledge onto someone else, do I really know better?”

“Do I choose having enough for the future or having enough in the future? Do I choose having enough for always or always having enough?”

“If I’m expected to provide for whatever I want myself, why ask? If nothing is provided, why ask? If everything is provided even before I ask, why ask? If I have unconditional choice, why ask? If I have no choice, why ask? If my choice is conditional, do I ask for my choice or the conditions under which it is granted?”

“Are you one of the few with choice, one of the chosen few, or one of the few who have chosen?”

“When three things are found to be bad but one is found to be less bad than the other two, does that make it the best of the three or the least worse of the three?”

“Are ‘Children at Risk’ being protected by a caring society, or is a fearful society protecting itself from undisciplined children by putting them in care.? Who is actually at risk – the children, society or the disciples of society’s fearful beliefs?”

“Who is a Human Being being when a Human Being is being human?”

“What worries a worrier more: Giving them something to worry about or not giving them something to worry about? Telling them something that will worry them or not telling them something that will worry them?”

“Do I choose: For people to tell me that I smell? For people to tell me that I don’t smell? For people not to tell me that I smell? And is my choice dependent on whether I smell or not and is whether I smell or not dependent on what other people tell me or not?”

“Do you choose to be employed by an employer who cannot afford to employ you? Do you choose to be employed by an employer who can afford to employ you? Or do you choose to be employed by an employer who cannot afford not to employ you?”

“Why has Jesus never set foot in a Christian Church? Is it because they hadn’t yet been built whilst he was alive? Because he was a Jew? Because he despised all Religions? or is it because the Church has never recognised him and let him in?

“Do you manage a manager that is employed to manage? Do you employ a manager that is employed to manage? Do you see your employees as managers? or, Do you see your managers as employees?”

“Do you see a smiley face? Do you see a clown? or, Do you see a reflection of your own happiness?”

“Is having enough to eat: 1. Being full, 2. Being half-full, 3. Being half-empty, 4. Being bloated and stuffed, 5. Being content and feeling satisfied”?

“When I say that I have had enough, am I satisfied or have I had too much”?

“When a man successfully integrates his male energy with his female energy, are ‘man-boobs’ inevitable?”

“When a woman successfully integrates her female energy with her male energy, does it put hairs on her chest?”

“Is a void a negative space? Is a void an absence of drama? Is a void a place to avoid or a place to be?”

“Who decided that the North Pole was at the top of the world: people who inhabit the Northern hemisphere? People who inhabit the Southern Hemisphere? God? or someone else?”

“When I know that I don’t know, do I still have a need to know”?

“Is my lack of personality: Due to my inherited aloofness? My inability to relate well to other people because I do not depend on them to meet my needs emotionally? Or have I become aware of my own emotional needs and the Inner Power that is my True Identity”?

“Is my lack of character: My inability to cope with and to tolerate the problems that I am experiencing in life? My lack of experience of how to deal with life? Or have I found my Core Truth that is my True Identity?”

“Does my Brain process my Mind? or is my Mind a process of my Brain”?

“In the perennial battle of good & evil, does good always prevail; does evil always prevail; or does the battle always prevail”?

“Do animals act instinctively because they know intuitively what to do, or do they just act instinctively”?

“If two lonely people get together, are they twice as lonely, just as lonely or no longer lonely”?

“When standing on the equator, is the Earth moving from left to right; right to left; east to west; west to east; clockwise or anti-clockwise; forwards or backwards; none of these directions or all of these directions”?

“If the Earth spins in a clockwise direction when in the northern hemisphere and spins in an anticlockwise direction when in the southern hemisphere, exactly where on the equator is the Earth moving in different directions”?

“If the Creator created the Creation, who created the Creator and in whose Creation has the Creator been created”?

“If no animal ever chose to starve to death, is that because they have no free will or because they have more sense”?

“Why is it that some of the happiest people I meet have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and some of the unhappiest people are those that have to care for them”?

“What do I really choose for the victim of a hate campaign: Justice; revenge; overwhelming sympathy; or freedom from their victimhood”?

“What do I really choose for the perpetrator of a hate campaign: Punishment; Therapy; Coaching; or a healthy dose of Acceptance & Forgiveness”?

“The male erection is the effect of a cause, but is the cause instigated by someone else or by my Self? If my erection is not caused by my sexual partner, is it caused by my Conscious Self, my Sub-conscious Self or my Super-Conscious Self?

“Is Life Coaching about guiding and supporting others to live in their own box, advising and encouraging them to live in one big communal box, or about formulating a strategy to live a fearless, effortless, problem-free life, outside of their box”?

“Are Leadership Qualities: The values that followers need in their leader; the attributes that followers are attracted to in their leader; or the ability of a leader to follow their own path”?

“Is emotional abuse a needy person not getting what they need emotionally from their partner; or is emotional abuse the constant demands of an emotionally needy person on their partner; or is emotional abuse the disconnection that both partners have from their own source of emotional power?”

“When do I become old enough to make up my own mind: When I decide for my self or when someone else decides for me”?

“When do my children become old enough to make up their own minds: When they decide to or when I decide to let them”?

“If I were to imagine myself flying to the moon and beyond to visit different star systems, would it be an astral projection, an etheric projection or just an over-active imagination”?

“When I focus my consciousness in the present moment on a view of the planet earth from an orbiting space station, is my mind still in my physical body on earth or has it travelled into space”?

“Hydrogen and Oxygen at a temperature of 100 °centigrade do not affect us, so why does a molecule of 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen (water) scald at that temperature”?

“If thought is empowering and inspiring, why does thinking drain my emotional energy”?

“Is it my independence that makes me confident; is it my confidence that allows me to be independent; or is one subject to the presence of the other”?

“Does the motion of molecules cause heat or does the intensity of the energy (its heat) cause the vibration of molecules”.

“When I know that life coaching is about personal development; and I know that my personal development is about self-development; and I know that my self-development enables me to create my own ideal reality; then would I choose to work full-time as a professional Life Coach helping other people develop themselves and create their own ideal reality; or would I choose to create my own ideal reality”?

“Is it the food that makes me fat, or is it the belief that the food makes me fat that makes me fat”?

“When I am certain of my faith, why is my faith still uncertain”?

“If my inner programming believes that authority comes with influence and status, does my authority come from my inner authority or from people with influence and status”?

“If your employers decided to reward you with a salary increase as a reward for your efforts and achievements, would you feel appreciated? If your employers then voted to reduce the increase awarded to you, would you still feel confident in their appreciation of you?”

“Does learning a skill give me an ability, or do I need the ability to learn the skill”?

“Traditionally, was the Butler considered to be Master of the Household or a servant of the household”?

“When comparing a drunk with a fanatical worshipper, which one is more intoxicated with spirit”?

“If I want an effortless life, do I need to put the effort in or not”?

“Is self-belief a belief about one’s self or a knowing. If self-belief is knowing who I am, is it self-belief or self-knowing”?

“In my Ideal World, would I work for someone else? In my Ideal World would I work for myself? In my Ideal World would I work?”

“When being treated with a treatment that is enjoyable, is it a therapy or a treat”?

“If therapy is on the increase in this country, does that mean that it is working or that it isn’t working, and is that beneficial for the patient or the therapist”?

“We take a political statement of intent seriously and we laugh at a joke, but when a political statement of intent is a joke, do we laugh or cry”?

“If we want to have some serious fun at work, do we have to take our work seriously or our fun seriously”?

“If sex is considered to be fun, why is sex therapy considered to be serious”?

“Being serious can make us unwell, but is it a serious illness”?

“If Mindfulness is a higher state of consciousness, why do I have to empty my mind before I can attain it”?

“If we already know all the answers, what is the purpose of the questions, and if we have forgotten the answers, how do we remember the questions”?

“If the cock crows every morning, why does the hen not cackle until her egg is laid”?

“If I focus with my conscious mind and concentrate with my sub-conscious mind, which mind do I choose to pay attention to”?

“When I am motivated to have what I need and convicted to do what I believe in, who am I empowered to be”?

“If man thinks about manifesting matter through the manufacture of materials, the management of many and the manipulation of money, who thought about manifesting Man”?

“When someone tells you that they really love you and that they really need you, do you see them as being really loving or really needy”?

“When someone else tells you not to take any notice of someone else, do you take any notice”?

“When I am so busy doing what I need to do that I am unaware of who I am Being, am I still a Human Being or have I become a Human Doing”?

“New scientific theories are conceived intuitively, yet they are required to be proven rationally with the logical language of mathematics. Is science therefore intuitive or counter-intuitive”?

“When learning how to be happy with your partner, would you choose a partner that you are happy with or not”?

“In the fast flowing River of Life, why do Still Waters run deep”?

“When the female partner in a relationship is unmarried, she is either a Miss or a Mistress. So when the male partner in a relationship is unmarried, is he a Mister or a Master”?

“What if suddenly we had no thoughts at all?  Would we try to invent a machine that receives and transmits thoughts, would we try to reconnect the machine that we already have, or would we revel in the silence”?

“When someone is imposing their will, with physical force, upon someone else; is it ever justified to impose my will to stop them, with physical force”?

“When struggling to find a distinction between being mentally tough & being in denial, am I being mentally weak or am I being in denial”?

“When looking for my Solar Plexus, do I need an anatomy chart, or is having a feeling where it is, good enough”?

“If thought creates reality and thought also creates illusion, does thought really create reality or is it an illusion”?