What The Four States Of Matter Are!

The Four States of Physical Matter are: Solid, Liquid, Gas & Plasma.

The Ancient Greeks referred to them as Earth, Water, Wind & Fire.

These are not the elements that are the basic building blocks of physicality, but the elementary states of those elements of physical matter.

The physical state of matter is relative to the amount of potential energy it holds.

Potential energy is the energy available to be given off as latent heat.

The amount of latent heat that an element holds is inversely proportional to the amount of heat energy that it gives off.

The paradox of the energy of latent heat is that the more an element has available, the less it gives off & the less it has available, the more it gives off.

Matter gives off heat as radiation, conduction or convection.

The more energy of heat that an element gives off, the hotter it appears; irrespective of how much latent heat it holds.

The colder an element appears, the greater the potential of the latent heat within its torus and the denser the structure of its physicality.

The larger the magnitude of the energy torus, the greater the space it encompasses, the colder it feels, the denser it is & the more potential energy of latent heat it holds.

As an element cools, its torus expands and as the torus contracts, the element heats up.

In physicality this is apparent when plasma becomes gaseous, when gas becomes liquified and when liquid freezes & becomes solid.

This is the physical process of material solidification, when the pure energetic flow of the aether becomes manifest as physical reality.

Energy is never destroyed, its torus just changes form relative to the frequency & wavelength of its electro-magnetic vibration within the vortex of the etheric flow.

What Fire Is!

Fire is the effect of matter no longer being able to hold its heat.

Matter releases its heat when it is no longer able to resist energetic flow.

This point of least resistance is called the flash point of matter.

The flash point determines the release of a matter’s resistance to flow.

Fire is the specific heat of matter being released.

When the specific heat of matter is released, matter loses its stability.

Stability is the ability of matter to be still & silent.

Matter is still & silent when its energy torus is effortlessly flowing.

As matter holds more heat, the energetic flow through its torus dilutes.

At the flash point, the energy torus can no longer hold its form & can no longer function.

Fire is the destruction of the energy torus that defines matter.

Matter remains stable & inert as long as its energy flows freely.

The greater the restriction to energetic flow, the more unstable matter becomes.

Matter is the ability of energy to maintain a toroidal structure, within the aether of energetic flow.

When matter is forced to release its stable toroidal structure, it causes the eventuality of fire.

Fire is toroidal dark matter returning to the flow of light energy called the aether.

The intensity of the transformation can be discerned by the colour frequency of the flame.

The intensity of fire glows as heat, in every colour of the rainbow.

What Sound Is!

Sound is the effect of matter resisting matter.

Where there is no matter, e.g. a vacuum, there is no sound.

Where there is no resistance, there is no sound.

All matter is energy with its own uniquely energetic vibration.

Sound is a physical vibration not an energy vibration.

When different energetic vibrations of matter resist each other, they cause a different, physical, vibration called sound.

The paradox of sound is that without a physical vibration receiver, the sound doesn’t make a sound.

My ear is a physical vibration receiver, which I call my hearing organ.

In normal use, it is a sensitive detector of changes in the rate of the physical vibration of air molecules.

It is less sensitive to the rate of vibration of liquid molecules, when I am submerged in water.

The denser the medium that surrounds my ears, the less sensitive my sense of hearing becomes.

For sound to be an effect, it requires a cause.

The cause of sound is the motion of matter relative to other matter or the interaction of matter in resistance to other matter.

Without motion, there is stillness & no sound.

Stillness is the absence of sound and calm is the absence of the motion that causes sound.

Sound is the medium through which the physical sense of hearing becomes activated.

Without sound, there is no physical sense of hearing.

Without the physical ability to hear, there is no apparent sound; just the presence of matter energetically vibrating in its own unique way.

It is not necessary for matter to interact with other matter and make a sound for me to intuitively sense that it is energetically there.

I physically hear (sense) the physical vibration of matter, I intuitively sense (hear) the energetic vibration of matter.

What Heat Is!

Heat is a measure of resistance to energetic flow.

The more intense the resistance to flow, the more heat that is experienced.

Paradoxically, what causes resistance to flow is motion.

The singularity of pure energy has no matter & no motion.

Flow has energy & motion.

Pure flow has no matter, it is the flow of energy through a vacuum.

Space has matter & Time has motion.

Reality is the energy of matter in motion.

Relative matter in relative motion causes heat.

Temperature is the measure of relative heat.

Relative heat is the vibration, or motion, of matter relative to the vibration of other matter.

The vibration of matterial energy is relative to the intensity of its polarity of frequency & its wavelength of gender.

The Universal Law of Attraction states that like vibrations of energy unto theirself are drawn.

Therefore, when unlike vibrations of energetic matter are drawn together, there is a relative resistance that manifests as either entropy, inertia or friction.

The resistance, of unlike energies of matter in motion, causes a transfer of heat called friction.

Matter is inherently a relative resistance to energetic flow.

When matter comes into contact with matter, the relative difference in energetic motion is expressed as a contrast in temperature.

The heat of a substance is its temperature differential or its energetic vibrational contrast.

As unlike vibrations of energetic matter are drawn together, the relative resistance to energetic flow causes the effect of solids melting or igniting, liquids freezing or vaporising and gases causing a cyclone or an anti-cyclone, as an effect called weather.

Heat is the relative energy of matter in motion or transition.

From a higher perspective, heat is the intensity of the energetic vortices within a material torus.

What Feeling Is!

Feeling is the experience of emotion.

Emotion is the wavelength of life energy that is flowing through the Self.

The wavelength of emotional flow determines personal feelings.

Feeling is personal to each Individual because thought is personal to each Individual.

Thought and feeling are the frequency & the wavelength of conscious-awareness.

Thought is the frequency of a consciously flowing mental energy vibration.

Feeling is the wavelength of the awareness of the emotional energy in that vibrational flow.

I feel, vibrations of emotional flow, intuitively.

The physical sense of touch is not a feeling.

The feeling is the emotional experience of physically touching something.

Through physically touching something, I can evoke a whole range of different emotions or I can feel no emotion at all.

Touch is a physical sense that can be intensely emotional or potentially unemotional, in the same way as the other physical senses of sight, hearing, smell & touch.

Feeling is an intuitive sense that I may, or may not, be aware of.

When I am unaware of my intuitive feelings, I believe that I am physically touched by emotion.

I can physically touch an object and intuitively sense the intensity of its vibration.

The intensity of an energy vibration can be experienced in many ways e.g. hard or soft, hot or cold, rough or smooth etc.

By suppressing my emotional feelings, I can choose the intensity of my physical touch instead of the potential of my spiritual feelings.

The awareness of my spiritual feelings is an intuitive sense, not a physical sense.

Feeling is the awareness of my personal spiritual energy.

It is how the Soul communicates with its Self.

There is no better emotional feeling than the Self being in direct alignment with the Soul.

What Thinking Is!

Thinking is the mental process of assessing & analysing data.

Assessing is the process of evaluating emotional value.

Analysing is the process of evaluating physical benefit.

My brain is the physical organ of mental processing, my thinking machine.

Thinking is a process of the brain.

When I am conscious of the brain processing data, I am consciously thinking.

When I am not conscious of my brain processing data, I am sub-consciously thinking.

Physical experience is assessed & analysed by the brain sub-consciously.

Whether I am conscious of this mental process or not, I am thinking.

Thought is a principle of the super-conscious mind.

When I am aware of a thought in my super-conscious mind, I can unconditionally accept it or I can think about it.

Thinking about a thought is the process of assessing & analysing its value & benefit.

I analyse its physical benefit by comparison with the data that I hold about my previous physical experiences.

I assess its emotional benefit based on the mental beliefs that I hold about whatever is occurring.

Thinking is the process of accessing programmed beliefs to assess the emotional value of the experience.

It is also the process of analysing present data, relative to past data, to determine future action.

Thinking is the evaluation of feelings based on sensory input.

How I perceive, or think, reality to be is based on the input from my five physical senses.

How I intuitively know, I feel & I see reality to be beneficial for me is a super- conscious thought.

When I intuitively accept a thought & instinctively take action, thinking is no longer necessary.

Suspending the ability of my brain to process thinking allows pure thought to enter my conscious mind.

What A Simulation Is!

A Simulation is a programmable reality.

We all live in the reality of our own mental programming.

From a dual reality perspective, reality is either actual or virtual.

We are programmed to believe that actual reality is real and virtual reality is simulated.

When real & simulated are seen as a duality, a real simulation is beyond our imagination.

From a higher perspective, life is actually a simulation.

We live in a world that is virtually programmed by our physical experience of reality.

The world is real by virtue of our physical sense of material reality.

The physical world is a simulation of virtual reality, although we are programmed to believe that virtual reality is a simulation of physical reality.

In actuality, when thought creates reality, simulation is a programme of the imagination.

My imagination creates a simulation in my mind of a possible ideal reality.

When my Soul & my Self agree on a simular reality, it has the power & authority to manifest from virtual to actual.

A virtual reality is real, even though it is not actual.

Actuality is the actual reality that I am physically experiencing.

Life is actually physical but not actually virtual.

Virtuality is a reality that is virtually real.

With the virtue of my own creative power, I can manifest my imaginary virtuality into actual reality.

A Simulation is a programmed reality of the imagination.

Whatever I can imagine is first virtual before it becomes actual.

Life is a real simulation that I can actually reprogramme by virtually imagining it to be different.

With imagination, I am free to simulate my own experience of reality and I am also free to actually experience that simulation of my own active imagination.