“Life Coaching For Workaholics”

Workaholism is an addiction to work.

The addictive drug that causes Workaholism is an emotional energy called the pleasure of work. Workaholics believe that they love and value work; when in fact they need to work because they value the emotional energy that drives them and motivates them to work. Workaholics do not work for money; they work because they need to work even though they don’t know why. They continue to work even when they no longer need the money. The cure for workaholism is simple but it is not easy; so that shouldn’t be too difficult for someone used to working hard.

The cure for workaholism is large and frequent doses of ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

With true emotional awareness, we find the cause of the addiction and discover what is driving the need to work. The underlying cause is always a sub-conscious emotional need. Understanding and becoming conscious of our own unique compilation of emotional needs is the key to curing our own particular addictive personality. Emotional Intelligence is our connection to the source of emotional energy that powers our life. Understanding and consciously controlling our own emotional power is the key to curing all addictions. Only once we are in control of our own personal energy that is our emotional power can we change the work ethic that drives our workaholism and creates our addiction.

Understanding our Emotional Energy needs requires the expert guidance and support of a suitably qualified Life Coach.

The ethics and the true values that empower us are beneficial, whereas the fears and the emotional needs that drive us can be very detrimental in the long term. An awareness of our emotional energy potential allows us to learn how to get our needs met before we go to work rather than being driven to work in order to meet what we need to become emotionally fulfilled. Getting our needs met before we go to work allows us to do only the work that we are inspired and empowered to do and that we truly value. It allows our conscious choice of when we work, why we work, how we work and if we work.

Curing workaholism is not about giving up work.

It is about gaining the awareness of appreciating life through work that has true value to our self. It is about working more efficiently, more effectively and attaining a balanced life. It is not about work life balance, which deals with a conflict between life and work. This is about balancing work with rest and play. It is about having time and space for yourself that you can then share equably with those that you cherish and adore. It is about becoming the Master of your Life rather than a slave to your work. It is about allowing your business to work for you rather than you having to work for your business.

Workaholics have to work rather than choose to work.

Having to do anything is a toleration and an energy drain. The more we tolerate our work the more energy we drain to our work and the harder we have to work to regain the energy that we need from our work to do our work. We are on an ever decreasing spiral of needing to work harder and harder for more and more success rather than on an upward spiral of appreciating more and more the fundamental joy of allowing our life to work and accepting our real life’s work. As a workaholic, work is hard and life is hard.

A cure for workaholism allows work to be effortless and rewarding.

When work is rewarding, life has true value. It identifies a reason to work and a reason not to work and allows a distinct choice between the two. Workaholics breed and encourage workaholism in their own business. Workaholism becomes the work ethic. Workaholics are neither effective nor efficient workers. They make neither good managers nor good  employers. They are often the last person to see and admit to their own addiction. Curing your own addiction to work will be the best investment that you ever make in your own business and it will be the best investment that you will ever make in your life.

Be honest! Does your Ideal Life include an addiction to work?

Given the choice would you make a better choice about your work and about your life?

Is all that work really what your life is all about?

You can have that choice: You may continue with your addiction to work until one day, as with all incurable addictions, it will eventually kill you. “Those who are dying to work are slowly working at dying.” You cannot live a free, happy, enjoyable and effortless life whilst suffering the symptoms of a workaholic. Alternatively you can make a better choice to work in a better way: Free of the pain, free of the suffering and free of the problems that every workaholic faces every working day. You can make your choice today because you choose to, not because you need to. Take back the life that work has taken from you.

“Life Coaching for Workaholics works”

It works when you allow it to work for you, so explore a free consultation today with an enquiry email to keith@theinnercoach.eu because you know its right for you right now.

How does Life Coaching cure Workaholism?

It finds the cure by finding the cause that is creating the problem. It guides you past the fear and supports you through the pain, on the individual journey of awareness that is your own cure. You created the circumstances of your addiction and you will create a new way of working without it. Instead of being motivated to work by a sub-conscious force, you will become empowered to work by your own inspiration. Life Coaching connects you to your power to say no as well as your authority to say yes.

The Cure is the power of your own emotional energy!

Connected to the power of your own emotional energy, you will no longer need to work. You will work when you choose to, if you choose to, and at what you choose to, because you have the power to say yes, as well as the authority to say no. Emotional Intelligence gives you the awareness of your own emotional power & authority & ability.

What are Emotional Needs?

Emotional Needs are a supplementary source of emotional power that we sub-consciously connect to when our batteries become depleted from carrying out a normal days work. In a logical rational world, we have never been taught how our emotional energy works. Without the emotional intelligence to understand our own emotional source of power, we are only aware of a sub-conscious force that drives us, and forms our routines, our habits and our addictions. Becoming aware of our emotional energy needs allows us to consciously take back control of our decision making because we have both the power and the authority to do so.

What is my Commitment to my Cure?

Your commitment to the cure is essential. It requires a change in your perspective that transforms you from  your committment to your addiction to your committment to your cure. You work at being cured rather than at being addicted. Instead of work being the essence of your life, your life becomes the essence of your work.

What do I need to change?

All that will change is your perspective of work and your perspective of life. You will realise that a different reality really is a possibility that is attainable, and that you really are capable of realising it.

How long will it take?

It will take as long or as quickly as it takes. Workaholics generally act very quickly once they have a clear intention and an achievable goal. This is your addiction, your cure and your life. My role is to guide and support you to achieve your own objectives.

Is Workaholism an illness?

No. I only coach people who are well enough to take the journey. If you believe that workaholism is an illness or a disease then you need to see a doctor.

How much will it cost?

My fees are $300 per month for 3 months. I schedule 4 x 1 hour sessions per month. All coaching is done by telephone or skype from the comfort of your own home or office and at a time to suit you.

Money Back Guarantee?

If at any time during your 12 scheduled coaching sessions you are not completely satisfied with your own development and progress, I will refund your payments in full. There is no contract and no obligation other than your own intention to become a better person and a better employer of your own time and and your own energy.

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Who am I?

My Name’s Keith Collins. I’m a qualified Life Coach and a cured Workaholic. I know where you are now; where you want to be; and how you are going to get there! I have the skills, the awareness and the experience to guide and support you on your transformation from a ‘life of work’ to achieve the ‘work of your life’ and to enjoy ‘a life that works for you’.

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