“Three Qualities of a Master Coach”

A Quality is an attainment that is personally attributable.

A Master Coach has mastered the attainments of being Intuitive, Inter-developmental & Emotionally Intelligent.

The quality of a coach’s personal intuition, inter-development & emotional intelligence determines their level of mastery.

Mastering these qualities requires the guidance & support of a master Coach.

Intuition is the ability to be intuitive.

Being intuitive requires three spiritual senses to be enabled.

They are a sense of knowing, a sense of feeling and a sense of seeing.

I see my inspired revelations intuitively when I am exclusively connected to my highest authority.

My exclusive intuitive connection allows my highest authority to be revealed.

Intuitive revelations are always inspired and always authorised.

They are authorised because they are a divine choice from my highest authority.

When I just know the right choice for me, it always feels good.

Intuition allows me to see the light of my inner tutor.

My inner coach is my guide & tutor that intuitively directs me on my path through life.

Intuition is my exclusive connection to my super-conscious mind.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be emotionally intelligent.

Being emotionally intelligent requires rational logic as well as emotional logic.

It requires a rational ontological knowledge of energy and one’s own energetic state of being.

Understanding the energy of emotion intelligently is essential to the management of emotional power.

My emotional power is relative to my emotional state of being.

My emotional attributes determine my emotional power.

Managing my emotional power consciously, requires an awareness of the emotional states of being that I attribute to my Self.

Emotional intelligence allows my head and my heart to work harmoniously with inner peace.

It allows me to ground my emotional power in the physical world.

My super-conscious mind is both rational & emotional, which allows logic to be intelligent and intelligence to be logical.

Interdevelopment is an ability that allows growth to be expansive.

The ability to grow expansively requires sensitivity & detachment.

I grow through the experience of interaction with other people.

Other people allow me to see the level of my own personal development.

My relationship to other people is the measure of my personal development.

By the Law of Attraction, I attract like energy to my own energetic vibration.

How I relate to other people is reflected in how other people relate to me.

When I relate inter-developmentally, other people resonate with my my own personal development and I resonate with theirs.

I cannot coach another to personally develop unless I am sensitive to their emotional wavelength and I am detached from their issues & dramas.

The inter-developmental relationship between a coach and a client is facilitated by the sensitive detachment of the coach.

My intuition allows my authority to be exclusively connected to my path and connect others to their exclusive path.

My emotional intelligence allows my ability to be emotionally rational and show others how to balance their rational & emotional awareness of consciousness.

My level of inter-development allows my emotional power to keep me sensitively detached from my client’s issues and out of their way.

My exclusive connection allows my intuitive authority to guide my clients.

My emotional intelligence allows my balanced view of where the client is coming from.

My own personal development allows my intelligent use of power to support my clients on their path.

The quality of my mastery is an expression of my own emotional power, my mental authority and my physical ability to coach others.


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