“The Quality of Esteem”

The Quality of Esteem is determined by how much worth it has and the confidence placed in it.

The quality of my esteem for another is a measure of how much I value them and I am able to confide in them.

The quality of my own self-esteem is determined by my self-worth and my self-confidence.

My Self-worth is a measure of my personal emotional power. It is determined by my personal attributes, which are an expression of my state of being. Who I am being determines the attributes that I express and the level of self-worth that I have attained.

My self-confidence is a measure of my personal authority. It is determined by my personal attainments, which become a reflection of my confidence to make choices. The level of Truth that I have attained determines the depth of self-confidence that I project.

The quality of my self-esteem is a measure of my worth and my confidence.

My self-esteem is a reflection of the quality of my personal attributes and attainments.

Personal Attributes

Attributes are a state of being.

States of being are emotional.

Rationalising my emotional states of being defines my personal attributes.

An Attribute is the emotional state of being that I attribute to my Self in the present moment.

The emotional state that I am being, in the moment, determines my power.

Attributes are therefore a measure of personal emotional power.

Understanding my own emotional power requires the awareness of my personal attributes.

Attributes, like emotions, can be either positive or negative.

A positive attribute expresses personal power.

A negative attribute expresses a lack of personal power.

I determine whether an attribute is positive or negative by whether it raises or lowers my emotional energy.

Personal attributes express my level of self-worth.


Personal Attainments

Attainments are the personal attributes that I have attained.

Attaining a personal attribute requires the ability to consciously be that attribute by choice.

An attainment means that I have attained a positive state of being that is who I really am.

Attainments always have a positive polarity.

Attaining a negative state of being is not an attainment.

I attain a higher state of being when I express a higher state of being as my default response to whatever is occurring in my life.

An attribute is the emotional state of my Beingness, whereas an attainment is my continued expression of that attribute in my life.

I attribute being emotional to my Self once I have attained the ability of emotional awareness.

The development of Personal Attributes and Attainments requires Emotional Intelligence, Rational Intelligence, and Emotional Awareness.

Personal Attainments determine my level of Self-confidence.


Personal Qualities

Personal Qualities determine my Attraction.

My Personal Attraction determines my Quality of Leadership.

Leadership Qualities attract followers who are attracted to the personal qualities of the leader.

Personal qualities are the product of my personal attributes and attainments.

It is the quality of my personal attributes that I have attained that defines my Personal Qualities.

My quality of Beingness is determined by the quality of the emotional state that I am being and I attribute to my Self.

Who I am being, as a human, is determined by my emotional attributes and attainments.

The quality of my Beingness is personal to my Self.

It is a measure of the quality of Life that I have attained and attribute to myself.

My Quality of Life is relative to the Personal Qualities that I express.

My Personal Qualities determine my Self-esteem, the true value of my life and my ability to live life with confidence.


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