“The Purpose of a Life Coach”

The Purpose of a Life Coach is to Authorise, Empower & Enable the Client.

My vision for my client is for them to be in control of their own power, their own authority and be response-able for their own actions.

The ability to respond to what is occurring in life effectively and beneficially requires both the power and the authority to do so.

Without either power or authority, my response to life becomes a sub-conscious negative reaction.

It is not my purpose as a Coach to connect my client to my vision, my path or my purpose.

It is my purpose as a Life Coach to guide and to support my client to connect to their own path, in order to explore, experience & discover their own Book of Life.

Connecting the client to their own path requires them to be consciously aware of their own vision for their life, their own life-purpose and to see the mission that they are currently undertaking in their life.

Connecting the client to their own power, their own authority and their own ability, is how
the client finds their way in life and their own purpose for their life.

Authorising the Client

The client is the author of their own life.

When writing the book of their own life, they are authorised.

We are all authorised to discover, explore and experience our own path through life; it is why we are here.

When connecting the client to their true path in life, I am connecting them to their own authority.

It is not necessary to authorise a client who is on track and knows their way.

When a client is off track, lost, confused and frustrated, it is because they are following the wrong path and travelling in the wrong direction.

I am directed on a limited path by my limiting beliefs and my fears.

A limiting belief is a belief that I do not own.

Authorising the client to own their own beliefs and to challenge and to change their limiting beliefs is the task of the coach.

Supporting the client to confront the fears that block the way to their true path is the task of the coach.

Without limiting beliefs and without fear, the client is authorised and able to choose their own chosen path in life effortlessly.

 Empowering the Client

Empowering the client involves connecting the client to their own emotional energy.

When the client is in alignment with their vision and purpose, their mission is authorised and
they are empowered to fulfil it.

The authority of our chosen life path is self-empowering.

True empowerment is the result of being in our own authority.

The only way to truly empower a client is to connect them to their own authority.

However, connecting the client to their own authority when they are lost, confused, and frustrated, requires emotional power.

In the absence of knowing their own vision, mission & purpose, the client will be disempowered and need emotional energy.

A client who needs emotional power has an emotional need for energy to empower them.

When the client consciously becomes aware of their emotional need for energy and meets their emotional needs quickly, effectively and personally, they become empowered with enough emotional energy to re-orient their path to doing what they truly value in life.

Consciously doing what they truly value in life allows them to discover their vision, mission and purpose in life, because they are the same thing.

Enabling the Client

Ability is a Coach’s unique selling point.

A Coach has the ability to enable a client.

Ability requires Power & Authority.

Power + Authority = Ability.

Ability is the synergy or power & authority flowing in unison.

Unauthorised power disables.

Unempowered authority disenables.

I always have enough power to be, to do & to have whatever is authorised.

Whatever I choose that inspires and empowers me is authorised.

Whatever I choose that creates fear and dread is authorised but not empowered.

Whatever I choose that has no positive or negative emotional connection, is of no consequence to my path and is neither authorised nor empowered.

I do not need a Coach to enable me to remain within my comfort zone.

With guidance & support, authority & power, the coach enables the client to venture beyond their comfort zone to discover, explore & experience their own authentic life.



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