“The Prime Attributes, Attainments & Qualities of A Life Coach”

The Prime Attributes of a Life Coach

The Prime Attributes of a Coach are Sensitivity & Detachment.

Supporting a client on their development path requires the attribute of Sensitivity.

Sensitivity, also known as empathy & compassion, is the understanding of where someone is emotionally.

It is knowing, feeling & seeing that the level of the client’s emotional energy is sufficient to allow them the power to follow their own development path.

With insufficient emotional power their development will become restricted & limited.

Detachment, also known as non-attachment, is the ability of the Coach to remain un-involved in the drama that is creating the client’s resistance or limitation.

Guiding a client along their path of personal development requires the attribute of detachment, which allows the Coach to get out of the way.

With an emotional attachment to the client, the Coach will get lost within the drama that is disallowing the client’s path from unfolding effortlessly.

To be sufficiently empowered with sensitivity, the Coach is required to know and consciously meet their own emotional needs. Only then are they sufficiently empowered to support their client.

To be sufficiently detached and inspired to guide their client, the Coach is first challenged to overcome their own fears & limiting beliefs, which will attach them negatively to the client’s situation.

The Prime Attainments Of A Life Coach

I cannot coach another on their personal path of development unless I am myself on a personal path of development.

A Life Coach knows that they have a personal path of development and that all clients also have a path of development that is individually unique to each person.

I cannot give to another or share with another that which I do not have myself.

I cannot guide & support another on their development path unless, in turn, I am supported & guided myself.

Following a path of development requires emotional power, mental authority & physical ability.

Flowing effortlessly along that path requires all three to be in mental, physical & emotional balance.

With enough mental authority, I remember my Vision.

With enough emotional power, I perceive my Purpose.

With enough physical ability, I realise my Mission.

When I see my mission, feel my purpose and know my vision, I attain the clarity, direction & presence to flow along my development path and I truly value the opportunities that my journey has to offer me.

Attaining a clear purpose and a direct vision of my present mission is essential for the Coach and why the Coach is essential to the client.

The Prime Qualities Of A Life Coach

The Qualities of a Coach are essential to the quality of the coaching experience for the client.

The Three Prime Qualities of a Coach are the ability to be Accepting, be Approving & be Allowing.

A Quality Coach is approving of who the client is being in each moment.

The Coach identifies where the client is right now in the knowledge that this is the perfect place to offer the client their opportunity for development.

A Quality Coach is allowing of the opportunity that is currently presenting itself.

The Coach identifies the opportunity the client has to shift to a new & better perspective of whatever is occurring. It is about seeing where the client is allowing their self to go.

A Quality Coach is accepting of the path the client feels is the best opportunity for their development and represents their perspective of what is best for them.

The Coach identifies clearly & directly who, why & what is occurring and when, where & how it will unfold in alignment with the client’s available power, authority & ability.

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