“The Myths of Life Coaching & Life Coaches”


A Myth is a commonly held belief that is subsequently deemed to be untrue.


10 Myths about Life Coaching

Myth 1.
“Life Coaching is about problem solving”
Solving problems just focuses on the problem. In my ideal world I want to be problem free. Solving problems never made anyone problem free.
Myth 2.
“Life Coaching is about goal setting”
When I am empowered and inspired, I just do it effortlessly. I don’t need to set a goal first. Goal setting is for the coach’s benefit, not the client’s.
Myth 3.
“Life Coaching is about helping people to get more of what they want & need”
It is about helping them identify what is enough of everything they want & choose. The fastest way to have everything that you want is to want for nothing. Abundance is attained by having enough, not more than enough or less than enough.
Myth 4.
“Life Coaching is about teaching positive thinking”
It is about attaining balance in all areas of life by looking at the positive & negative of any situation that occurs.
Myth 5.
“Life Coaching is about adopting higher standards”
It is about owning our own standards of behaviour and letting go of all the rules, laws, ethics, and morals that deplete our ability to make our own choices.
Myth 6.
“Life Coaching is about enforcing strong boundaries”
It is about extending our boundaries to allow the acceptance of whatever occurs in life without any toleration being present.
Myth 7.
“Life Coaching is what I do”
 It is about who I am being, the personal attributes that I have attained and I am modelling to my client. It is a way of being not a role that I play.
Myth 8.
“Life Coaching is about attaining perfection”
 It is about assisting someone to see that what they already have in life is already perfect. The imperfection of life is a necessary constituent for personal growth.
Myth 9.
“Life Coaching is about planning the future”
 It is about accepting the opportunities of the present that are already present and accepting them with gratitude because they are a gift.
Myth 10.
“Life Coaching is about helping other people”
 It is about personal development and the adoption of true selfishness. It is primarily about the development of the Coach. Physician, heal thy Self. It is about the ability to guide and support another to help their Self.

10 Myths about Life Coaches

1. Life Coaches require personal experience of the subject that they are teaching.
If you are teaching a subject, you are teaching not coaching.
2. Life Coaches need good programmes and techniques.
Programmes and techniques are for trainers and programmers, not Life Coaches.
3. Life Coaches need a niche.
Life Coaching is a niche. Your niche is Life.
4. Life Coaches need accreditation.
Nobody asks for it, nobody wants it and nobody is sufficiently qualified to accredit it, except the client. If the Coach believes they need it, ask them why?
5. Life Coaches need supervision.
 If you believe that you need supervision, you do not approve of the quality of your own coaching ability. Only trainee coaches require training. Coaches grow with experience, not supervision.
Practitioner driven practices like therapy need supervision, not client driven Coaches.
6. Life Coaches need to keep records.
 When you keep records, coaching becomes practitioner driven not client driven. The client consciously or sub-consciously keeps a complete record of everything they do with you. If you need to remember anything, ask the client to remind you.
7. Life Coaches need to promote themselves.
Promotion disallows attraction. The only promotion required is your own personal attraction.
8. Life Coaches need to advertise.
Advertising is a statement of not having enough clients, which attracts exactly that scenario.
9. Life Coaches need to be professional.
Professional means that I run a business ethically, morally & legally. Who wants to be busy running a business professionally? Life Coaches do what they love to do because it has true value for them in their life. Professionalism is a need not a true value.
10. Life Coaches have to do something.
Having to do anything is a toleration. Life Coaches don’t do tolerations, they are toleration free. Life Coaching is about who I am Being, not what I have to do.
A Legend is the expression of someone’s true identity as experienced through their own life story.
You can choose to be a myth or you can choose to be a legend.

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