“Life Coaching & Personal Self Development”

Personal Development is my growth as a Human Being.

It is about my growth as an individual person.

The development of my Self as a person is determined by my personality and my character.

It is the development of my role as a Human Being.

How well I play the role of being human is determined by my personality and my character.

My personality is determined by my emotional needs.

I develop my personality according to my emotional needs and in order to get my emotional needs met.

My character is determined by my mental beliefs.

I develop my character as I develop my own opinions, beliefs and convictions.

As I develop my personality and my character, I develop as a person and as a Human Being.

As I consciously meet my emotional needs and challenge and change my limiting beliefs, I gradually discover my True Identity.

Personal Development may be achieved consciously, as a part of my destiny, or it may happen sub-consciously as my fate.

I am continually developing as a person throughout my life.

The question is: “Am I consciously choosing my own Personal Path of Development or not?”

Self Development is my growth as an entity or Self.

My Self is the physical incarnation of my Spiritual Entity.

My Self is my physical consciousness that is conscious of the physical world.

My Spiritual Entity is my Soul that is my super-conscious Self.

The role and the purpose of the physical Self is the growth and the development of my spiritual Self.

My super-conscious spiritual Self is my Soul.

Unawakened to my spiritual origins, I have no distinction between my personal development and my self-development.

Personal Development is about my personal growth as a person and a physical entity.

Self Development is about my personal growth as a Spiritual Being.

My Soul cannot develop and grow without my Self.

As my Self develops in the physical, my Soul develops in the spiritual.

Self Development is Soul Development, once I view life from the perspective of my Soul; which is exactly what Self Development is:

“Learning to see life from the perspective of the Soul”.

Life Coaching is the means of achieving personal Self Development.

The Personal Development Industry is driven by Self Development Books.

Books for Personal Development are about the Self Development of the Author.

They may be helpful for Personal Development but are useless for Self Development.

Self Development requires a connection to one’s true authority – One’s Soul.

Without a clear connection to one’s own Soul, a Life Coach is essential for Self Development.

The role of the Life Coach is to guide and to support the individual in their Personal Self Development.

The Role of the Life Coach is to facilitate the connection of the client to their own path and their own Soul.

Without a connection to our own path, we all end up following someone else’s path.

Following someone else’s path may assist my Personal Development but it will impede my Self Development.

It may help me develop my personality and my character but will not assist me in finding my True Identity and my Life Path.

Personal Development can be learned from books, whereas Self Development requires a Life Coach.



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