“Life Coaching For Life Coaches”

 To consciously choose our own Life requires the Ability to choose with our own Authority, and with the Power to manifest exactly what we have chosen.

 Our Power comes from our Well-being. It is the emotional state of our Beingness that determines our Value, our Worth and our Wealth.

 Our Authority comes from our Core Beliefs. The quality of the beliefs that we hold about life determines the Confidence that we have to create our own reality in Life. Our beliefs are the choices that we continually make as to how we see our world in reality. When we believe that we can create our own reality, then we can and we know that we do.

 Our Ability to realise, create and manifest a sublime life is equal to the magnitude of our emotional power (who we are being) combined with the alignment with our highest choice and vision for this life-time (why we are here) that holds our Self in our highest Esteem.

The formula for a sublime life is simply:

Power + Authority = Ability.


Self Worth + Self Confidence = Self Esteem

When we get this formula confused, we get lost and very frustrated.

 When we believe that money gives us power and value, we get very confused.

 When we believe that status gives us authority and confidence, we get very lost.

 When we believe that knowledge gives us ability and esteem, we get very frustrated.

Life Coaching is a process of Personal Development that reconnects us to our own Power, Authority & Ability that is the Source of our Self Worth, Confidence and Esteem.

Life Coaching is also a process of Spiritual Growth that reconnects us to our own Vision, Mission & Purpose for this life-time.

Our Ability to Grow Spiritually requires us to have enough (an Abundance of) Personal Power & Authority. Alas most people do not have enough power or authority until they have first undergone enough Personal Development.

Our Mission (should we choose to accept it) is to personally develop our power and authority sufficiently to be able to Consciously Choose our own individual, unique and exclusive Vision & Purpose that will determine the extent of our Spiritual Growth in this life-time.

Life Coaching is a process of ‘Becoming’ the ‘Best’ that we can ‘Be’ (who we really are) and attaining the sublime greatness of who we really are, which is what we have come here to do. We have come here to experience being Human Beings (why we are here) by just being human in any aspect of Human Beingness that we choose.

When we are lost confused and frustrated it is impossible to discover, explore and experience our Vision, Mission & Purpose for our Life.

Personal Development is the process of finding clarity, direction and presence in our Life:

We gain clarity and power as we deal with our tolerations, enforce our boundaries and get our emotional needs met.

 Our tolerations are the everyday problems of life that drain all our energy in our quest to find acceptable solutions.

 Without strong boundaries we will drain emotional energy to other people and other people’s authority and beliefs.

 Our emotional needs are how we sub-consciously seek to restore our lack of energy and our emotional power.

We gain Direction by choosing what we want in life, usually by experiencing what we don’t want in life.

 To choose with our own authority, we first have to get rid of the limiting beliefs and fears that we have inherited from other people during our early years of life.

 Our limiting beliefs and fears are all that stands between our self and what we really want in life.

 We can Be, Do and Have whatever we want in Life, once we have developed the personal power, authority and ability to choose it.

We gain Presence in Life as we realise that Reality only exists in the present moment and therefore we can only create and recreate our reality in each present moment and each moment that we are present.

 Presenting the present moment of reality as a gift (a present) requires us to move out of the judgments of our past and away from the expectations of our future.

Life Coaching is the support and guidance required to attain an effortlessly sublime Life by:

 Avoiding the problems of a chaotic and disastrous life-style

 Learning the lessons to accept the challenge to live life on purpose

 Recognising the opportunities that direct us on our chosen Path in Life

Being Spiritual or attaining Conscious-Awareness, by being aware of our consciousness and conscious of our awareness, means balancing all 3 aspects of our Physical, Mental and Emotional Energy that is the Essence of our Human Beingness.

We are ready to attain the Health, Wealth & Wisdom of Being Joyful, Fulfilled & Content with True Happiness and Expansive Well-being, once we access our own Power, Authority & Ability that we realise through our own Personal Path of Spiritual Development & Growth.



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