“Why Do I Choose A Life Coach?”

Why Do I Choose a Life Coach?

I Choose a Life Coach Because:

  • Living an effortless life is often an effort
  • Living a problem-free life is sometimes a problem
  • Living a fear-less life is often a fearful experience
  • Realising who my unique, individual and exclusive self is, is not easy by my self
  • My vision for my life is often difficult to see
  • My purpose for my life often lacks clarity
  • My mission in life often lacks direction
  • My authenticity, awareness and attitude are sometimes in question
  • Creating my own reality is easier said than done
  • I cannot hear my messages myself
  • I cannot see my opportunities myself
  • I cannot always feel what is right for me
  • Before I can Master Life, I first have to become a student of Life

My Life Coach Connects my Self to my Inner Teacher.