“What A Life Coach Does & Doesn’t Do!”

A Life Coach doesn’t teach knowledge
– that’s a Teacher.

A Life Coach doesn’t train skills
– that’s a Trainer.

A Life Coach doesn’t solve emotional problems
– that’s a Counsellor.

A Life Coach doesn’t practice therapy
– that’s a Therapist.

A Life Coach doesn’t solve behavioural problems
– that’s a Psychologist.

A Life Coach doesn’t cure mental illness
– that’s a Psychiatrist.

A Life Coach doesn’t teach from personal experience
– that’s a Mentor.

A Life Coach doesn’t give advice
– that’s a Consultant.

A Life Coach doesn’t teach theology
– that’s a Theologian.

A Life Coach doesn’t solve spiritual issues
– that’s a Minister.

A Life Coach doesn’t speak to the dead
– that’s a Spiritualist.

A Life Coach guides the client along the client’s unique & individual path of personal development.

A Life Coach supports the client by connecting them to their own source of personal empowerment.

A Life Coach guides & supports the client to:

Become the effective cause of their own reality.
Connect to opportunities they didn’t know existed.
Become conscious of what they already know & remember what they are already aware of.
Develop unconscious competence.
Learn emotional intelligence.
Become problem free.
Become intuitively connected.
Become authentic.
Follow their own inner guidance.
Become Truly Selfish.
See a third way out of every dilemma.
Overcome fear.
Live their true values.
Create an ideal life.
Discover their vision, mission & purpose for their life.
Develop the presence to see every opportunity as it is presented, in the present as a present.
Live in the zone of the gap, the flow & the now.
Enjoy an effortless life.
Help their Self.
Make conscious & empowered choices.
Get a Life worth living.

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