“The Nature of True Leadership”

The Nature of a Leader

Natural leadership qualities are the product of the nature of the leader.

A natural follower has the qualities and the nature of a follower.

What decides our nature and our qualities to either lead or follow are our own unique set of emotional needs.

Many leaders need to be right, need to be better than others, need to be recognised and need to be acknowledged.

These leaders by nature become proud, greedy, impatient and arrogant in order to appear to have power, authority and ability.

True Leaders are connected to their own source of power, authority and ability.

The nature of many leaders is to seek power, authority and ability over other people, because they need to achieve, they need to win, and they need to be appreciated, accepted and revered by others.

These are just some of the emotional needs that determine the nature of some leaders and the nature of their motivation and determination.

True Leaders are neither driven by their emotional need for power, nor their fears and false beliefs regarding authority and responsibility.

True Leaders have the ‘ability to respond’. They do not react and conflict with the dramas of life that confront them.

The nature of a True Leader is to feel their true power, know their true authority and see the bigger picture of their life and the ability that they have to ‘lead’ their own Life.

True Leaders are intuitive by nature, they are Intuitive Leaders.

Intuitive Leaders:

  • Know their own: Authority, Vision, Life-Path, Revelations, Messages, Enlightenment, and Fulfilment of Choice.
  • Feel their own: Power, Purpose, identity, Inspiration, Empowerment, and Joy of Being at Oneness with who they are.
  • See their own: Ability, Mission, Reality, Creativity, Equality, Equability, Equanimity, and Enabled Contentment.

I Know my Authority, when I hear my messages of revelation that enlighten my unique individual and exclusive journey in life and I am Fulfilled.

I Know my Authority, when I make choices based on the Vision of my Life Path, of why I am here.

I Feel my Power, when I am at One with who I really am, by finding my meaning and purpose in Life.

I Feel my Power, when I am empowered with the positive energy of Inspiration that realises the emotional experience of Pure Love & Joy.

I See my Ability, when I am creating my own Life as my own Reality, and I am manifesting what I visualise as my mission in Life.

I See my Ability, when I am enabled with the Power and the Authority of my Love & Light, to experience the Contentment and the Satisfaction of my Own Creation.

An Intuitive Leader: Knows, Feels & Sees their own Power, Authority & Ability to lead their own Life and to follow their own Path.

Client Leadership

Traditional learning involves a student gaining knowledge from a teacher.

The teacher sets out the course and the direction of the teaching.

The teacher leads the student along a path of learning knowledge and acquiring information.

In traditional teaching, the teacher is the leader and requires the student to follow their lead with discipline.

The students are required to be disciples of the teacher.

My personal development and spiritual growth occurs along the path of my Inner Teacher.

An intuitive path of learning is enhanced with the guidance & support of my Life Coach.

A Life Coach intuitively guides and supports the client along the client’s chosen path.

It is the client that sets the course and direction of their learning.

Life Coaching is client driven, whereas education is teacher driven.

The Coach intuitively supplies the questions, not the answers.

The Coach intuitively hears the answers from the client and clarifies them for the client.

The Coach empowers the client to intuitively plot their own course and know their own path.

In a coaching partnership, it is the Client who is the Leader, not the Coach.

It is the nature of each individual to intuitively lead their own life and follow their own path.

It is the nature of a True Coach to allow all others to be a leader of their own life by aligning them to follow their own path.



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