“Team Managers, Leaders, Trainers & Coaches”

Team Leaders do not manage the team, they lead the team.

Team Managers do not lead the team, they manage the team.

Managing a team is using or employing the team to be most effective at achieving the team’s aims, goals and objectives.

Leading a team is keeping the team focused on its direction towards meeting its agreed intentions.

The team leader is usually referred to as the Leader or the Captain.

The team manager is usually referred to as the Manager or the Director.

The team leader is a fundamental part of the team.

The team manager is usually apart from the team rather than a part of the team.

Team management requires management skills.

Team leadership requires leadership qualities, often referred to as people skills.

It is the team manager’s responsibility to outline the aims, objectives and strategy of the team.

It is the team leader’s responsibility to select the team members and the allocation of tasks to each member.

The Team Coach neither leads the team nor manages the team.

The Team Manager manages the team’s objectives by effectively using the team to effect those objectives.

The Team Leader leads the team to achieve the objectives that are agreed with the Team Manager.

The Team Coach guides and supports the individual team members to complete the tasks required to meet the team’s objectives.

The Team Trainer trains the individual team members to achieve the level of skill required to complete the tasks of the team to the agreed standard that is required.

The Team Coach coaches the team to use their skills, qualities & experience in the most effective way and facilitates the changes required for the team to overcome all the resistance, obstacles & problems that is hindering their progress towards their intended goals.

Team Coaching is much more than assisting individual team members to overcome their problems.

The Team Coach is concerned with the individual personal development of each individual team member and their integration within the team, so that the output of the team becomes exponentially greater than the sum of the potential of each individual member of the team.


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